How to Generate Images in Google Slides With Duet AI

Duet AI makes creating images in Google Slides a breeze.

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Key Takeaways

  • You can use Duet AI to generate custom images in Google Slides using text prompts.
  • Specify specific details and use adjectives strategically to get the desired image from Duet AI.
  • It’s better to limit prompts to nature scenes, objects, animals, and abstract images, as Duet AI struggles with people-centered images.

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. And that is what Duet AI tries to help you achieve with your Google Slides presentations. It can help you create images that not just decorate your slides but reinforce your message and draw your audience in.

How to Generate an AI Image in Google Slides

Before using Duet AI to generate images in Google Slides, you must ensure you are signed in to your Google account and have access to Google Workspace Labs (which we’ve previously covered in our guide on how to use Google Duet AI in Google Sheets). Once done, you can create AI-powered images directly in your Google Slides presentations.

Duet AI’s image generation capabilities are only available through the Google Slides desktop web version at the time of writing, but not on the mobile app.

  1. Open a Slides presentation and click Insert > Image > Create image with Duet AI.

  2. Alternatively, you can simply click the Create image with Duet AI icon on the far-right side of the toolbar. This icon resembles a square with two triangular peaks inside it and a star in the top right corner.
    Create image with Duet AI icon on Google Slides

  3. A sidebar will open up where you can enter text prompts to describe the image you want it to generate. You’ll also see examples pop up periodically with ideas for images you can describe.
    Duet AI Inspiration examples on Google Slides

  4. In this case, we considered something adventurous and outside the box and entered a description—”An astronaut riding a horse on Mars.”
    A Duet AI prompt to generate images in Google Slides

  5. Afterward, you can select an art style from the drop-down menu, like Photography, Background, Vector Art, Sketch, Watercolor, or Cyberpunk.
    • If you leave it on No Style, Duet AI will automatically select what it deems best. However, choosing a style helps steer Duet AI’s image generation in a specific aesthetic direction. If unsure what style you want, select I’m Feeling Lucky and let the AI pick one randomly.
    Choosing Duet AI Style Settings on Google Slides

  6. Then click the blue Create button.
    Duet AI Create button on Google Slides

  7. Based on that prompt, Duet AI will take a few seconds to generate one to four sample images. Click any of the images to add them directly to the current slide.
    AI-generated images by Duet AI on Google Slides

  8. If you don’t like any of the initial images, click View More to generate additional options.
    Duet AI View More button on Google Slides

You should now have an AI-generated image that works for your presentation. Just note that it helps provide effective prompts for the best results.

Tips for Effective Image Prompting on Google Slides

While we have taken a general look at how to create better AI art, we’ll offer some practical tips to help you get the most out of using image prompts on Google Slides:

  1. Specify Details, Not Abstractions: When providing prompts, think concretely. For example, instead of “a pretty flower,” you could say “a red rose with water droplets on its petals.” The more sensory details you include—sights, textures, colors, shapes, etc.—the better your chances of getting that image you have in mind.
    Comparing images generated by Duet AI based on quality of prompts

    You can also use adjectives strategically to steer the output. “A powerful lion with a flowing mane” will likely yield a different image than “a lion with a mane.”

    Two pictures of lions generated by Duet AI based on different prompts

  2. Limit People in Prompts: At the time of writing, Duet AI struggles with generating people-centered images, evidenced by an error stating, “We’re still learning and can’t help with that. Try something else.” So, stick to nature scenes, objects, animals, and abstract images.
    Duet AI's error message to a people-centered prompt

  3. Test Prompt Variations: Tweak prompts systematically by changing adjectives, swapping nouns, adjusting tone, etc. For example, prompt with “a bright yellow daisy,” then try “a vibrant yellow gerbera daisy” to see what works best for you. You may also document prompts that yield high-quality images for reuse.

Duet AI makes creating images in Google Slides a breeze. You can generate unique artwork with just a text prompt to enhance your presentations. Feel free to get creative and experiment with descriptions.

If you need inspiration, see our article on AI art prompt ideas you should try. With good use of the integration of Duet AI in Google Slides, your slides will stand out like never before.