Should I Text My Ex? Quiz

Finger hovering over “Send”? This Quiz Might Save You From Ex-ploding.

Ah, the ex. That familiar stranger who once held your heart and now lingers in the dusty corners of your phone’s contacts list. The question burns: “Should I text them?” It’s a tempting thought, but will it lead to getting back together or will you end up being haunted by the ghosts of what was. But is it ever a good idea to text your ex?

Spoiler alert: There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every breakup is a unique snowflake, and post-breakup communication deserves the same level of delicate handling. That’s where this quiz, crafted by psychologist with a Master’s in emotional untangling (a.k.a. a relationship counsellor), comes in.

Think of it as your ex-pert guide through the minefield of post-breakup communication. Just a few clicks and 10 minutes stand between you and clarity. Remember, sometimes the best way to answer the question of texting your ex is to first understand yourself.

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Ready? Let’s do this!

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