Bisakah saya bermain slot online tanpa mengunduh perangkat lunak apa pun?

Bisakah saya bermain slot online tanpa mengunduh

Anda mungkin bertanya-tanya apakah Anda bisa bermain slot online tanpa harus mengunduh perangkat lunak apa pun. Jawabannya adalah ya, Anda bisa. Permainan slot online modern biasanya didukung oleh teknologi HTML5, yang memungkinkan pemain untuk memainkan game langsung di browser web mereka tanpa perlu mengunduh atau menginstal perangkat lunak tambahan.

Ini adalah berita baik bagi mereka yang tidak ingin repot-repot mengunduh perangkat lunak tambahan atau mungkin khawatir tentang risiko keamanan yang terkait dengan mengunduh file yang tidak dikenal. Dengan bermain langsung di browser web, Anda dapat mengakses berbagai permainan slot online tanpa perlu menginstal apa pun di perangkat Anda.

Bermain Slot online tanpa mengunduh perangkat lunak juga memungkinkan fleksibilitas yang lebih besar. Anda dapat mengakses permainan favorit Anda dari berbagai perangkat, termasuk komputer desktop, laptop, tablet, atau ponsel pintar, asalkan perangkat tersebut terhubung ke internet dan memiliki browser web yang kompatibel.

Bisakah saya bermain slot online tanpa mengunduh perangkat lunak apa pun?

Selain itu, bermain langsung di browser web juga dapat menghemat ruang penyimpanan di perangkat Anda. Mengunduh dan menginstal perangkat lunak tambahan untuk bermain slot online bisa memakan banyak ruang, terutama jika Anda memiliki ruang penyimpanan terbatas di perangkat Anda. Dengan bermain langsung di browser, Anda tidak perlu khawatir tentang hal ini.

Namun, meskipun Anda bisa bermain slot online tanpa mengunduh perangkat lunak, ada beberapa hal yang perlu Anda pertimbangkan. Pertama, pastikan Anda memiliki koneksi internet yang stabil dan andal. Koneksi yang lambat atau tidak stabil dapat mengganggu pengalaman bermain Anda dan bahkan menyebabkan gangguan saat memutar gulungan.

Selain itu, beberapa platform atau game mungkin menawarkan opsi untuk mengunduh perangkat lunak klien jika Anda lebih suka bermain dengan cara itu. Beberapa pemain mungkin menganggap bahwa bermain dengan perangkat lunak klien dapat memberikan pengalaman yang lebih mulus atau fitur tambahan yang tidak tersedia saat bermain langsung di browser.

Namun, penting untuk diingat bahwa mengunduh perangkat lunak tambahan juga dapat meningkatkan risiko keamanan. Pastikan Anda hanya mengunduh perangkat lunak dari sumber yang tepercaya dan pastikan untuk memverifikasi keamanan perangkat lunak sebelum menginstalnya.

Secara keseluruhan, bermain slot online tanpa mengunduh perangkat lunak adalah pilihan yang nyaman dan mudah diakses bagi banyak pemain. Dengan teknologi HTML5 yang memungkinkan permainan langsung di browser web, Anda dapat menikmati berbagai permainan slot online tanpa harus repot-repot mengunduh atau menginstal perangkat lunak tambahan. Namun, pastikan Anda memiliki koneksi internet yang stabil dan aman untuk pengalaman bermain yang optimal.

Shannen Doherty, ‘90210’ star who battled cancer for years, dies at 53

Shannen Doherty, the quintessential ’90s rebel who starred in the TV mega-hits “Beverly Hills, 90210” and “Charmed,” has died after a nearly decade-long battle with cancer. She was 53.

Doherty died Saturday, the Associated Press reported. Last June, the actor revealed her cancer had spread to her brain and in November, to her bones.

Her publicist, Leslie Sloane, announced the news in a statement to People magazine.

“It is with a heavy heart that I confirm the passing of actress Shannen Doherty,” Sloane said.

“On Saturday, July 13, she lost her battle with cancer after many years of fighting the disease,” Sloane continued. “The devoted daughter, sister, aunt and friend was surrounded by her loved ones as well as her dog, Bowie. The family asks for their privacy at this time so they can grieve in peace.”

The “90210” star first went public with her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, when she filed a lawsuit against her former management firm for breach of contract and negligence. She stated that the firm had let her health insurance lapse in 2014 and that she couldn’t re-enroll in insurance benefits until 2015.

By March 2015, doctors discovered “invasive breast cancer metastatic to at least one lymph node,” which she said had the chance to spread while she was unable to visit a doctor due to the insurance lapse.

In 2017, the actor shared in an emotional Instagram post that the disease had gone into remission. “As every single one of my fellow cancer family knows, the next five years is crucial. Reoccurrences happen all the time. … So with a heart that is certainly lighter, I wait.”

Four years after Doherty’s initial diagnosis, while shooting Fox’s revival of “Beverly Hills, 90210,” she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer but kept it quiet for nearly a year.

“My cancer came back,” Doherty revealed on “Good Morning America” in February 2020. “It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways. There are days where I say, why me? And then I go, well, why not me? Who else besides me deserves this? None of us do.”

In June 2023, the actor shared an intimate look at the reality of cancer in a video taken at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. A crying Doherty wore a radiotherapy mask as she underwent her first radiation treatment, revealing that the cancer had spread to her brain.

“My fear is obvious. I am extremely claustrophobic and there was a lot going on in my life,” she captioned the video. “This is what cancer can look like.”

By November 2023, Doherty revealed that the cancer had spread to her bones. “I don’t want to die,” she told People four days before Thanksgiving. “I’m not done with living. I’m not done with loving. I’m not done with creating. I’m not done with hopefully changing things for the better. I’m just not — I’m not done.”

Doherty was born into a Southern Baptist family in Memphis, Tenn., on April 12, 1971, the youngest of Tom and Rosa Doherty’s two children. Her family moved to the affluent Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles County when she was 6, but Doherty credited her early-onset self-assurance to gender disparities she witnessed in the South during the 1970s.

“I saw how women were treated,” she told People in 1992. “And I wasn’t going to be treated like that.”

With the family settled on the West Coast, Doherty performed in a church play at age 10 — and in an only-in-L.A. moment, a Hollywood agent attended that play (he was a friend of the director). He saw potential in the young Doherty. Within weeks, she made her commercial debut for a telephone company.

“My parents weren’t very enthusiastic about me going into show business, but I was,” Doherty told the Orange County Register in 1995.

She landed her first major role at 11, when Michael Landon hired her to play the courageous and spirited Jenny Wilder on “Little House on the Prairie.” “That show changed my life,” Doherty told the outlet, adding that Landon advised her at the time never to let anyone walk all over her, and to be a strong woman.

Shannen Doherty starred as Heather Duke in the 1988 movie “Heathers.”

(Archive Photos / Getty Images)

As she entered her teen years, Doherty’s raven locks and casual moxie made her an easy choice for “bad girl”-type roles, such as Heather Duke — her first major film role, in the 1988 dark comedy “Heathers.” But it was her portrayal of the fiercely driven Beverly Hills transplant Brenda Walsh on Aaron Spelling’s pop-culture phenomenon “Beverly Hills, 90210” that catapulted her to stardom.

At a time when programming aimed at the teen demographic was relatively wholesome and uncontroversial, the Fox series about privileged young people living in one of the country’s most expensive ZIP codes was laying the foundation for the teen drama genre as we now know it, with its then-revolutionary exploration of the social and sexual drama of high school life. It would go on to air for 10 seasons and spawn the successful spinoff “Melrose Place,” the CW reboot “90210” and, later, a 2019 meta revival, “BH90210,” featuring most of the cast playing heightened versions of their real-life personas as they work to get a reboot of the prime-time soap off the ground.

But it’s hard to overstate the very ’90s fan mania that surrounded the series in its early years, and how it shaped the way Doherty navigated her considerable fame. The angsty teen drama starred Doherty alongside Tori Spelling, Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Brian Austin Green, Jennie Garth, Gabrielle Carteris and Ian Ziering. The cast of worship-ready teen idols and Doherty, in particular, were plum targets for tabloid fodder.

“The teen heartthrobs of Fox’s ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ … garnered the biggest cheers and screams from the teen fans who lined the streets,” The Times said in a 1991 Emmys red carpet story. “Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty … arrived together hand in hand and were attacked en masse by the photographers, as was their costar Luke Perry.”

The cast of 90210 teen soap stars piled on the floor smiling.

Clockwise from top right: “90210” stars Luke Perry, Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, Gabrielle Carteris, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Jennie Garth and Ian Ziering.

(Fox Broadcasting Co.)

But while her TV character was dealing with issues like having sex for the first time and failing driver’s ed, Doherty was earning an off-camera reputation as a reckless party girl, spending late hours with co-star Tori Spelling at clubs including Hollywood’s since-closed Roxbury. She butted heads on the set with co-star Jennie Garth, who later in life would remain her friend.

“Out of control!” screamed the headline on the cover of People magazine in June 1993, teasing to a Doherty story inside.

“Since debuting on ‘90210’ in 1990, Doherty has left a trail of bad debts, trashed homes, exhausted friendships and wasted relationships,” the story said. “When challenged, say several people who know her, she is likely to respond with a menacing, ‘You don’t know who you’re f—ing with!’ ”

In her early 20s and at the height of newfound fame, Doherty’s romantic flings and flops played out in the tabloids too. In early 1993, she was briefly engaged to cosmetics heir Dean Jay Factor before a messy publicized split months later. In October of the same year, she tied the knot with Ashley Hamilton, the son of actor George Hamilton, after knowing him for a few weeks. They divorced six months later.

But the people who worked closely with the “90210” star dismissed the noise and sang the actor’s praises. Priestley, who played Doherty’s twin brother, Brandon, told People in 1992 that all the stories about his castmate were grossly exaggerated. “She’s a very intelligent young woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind,” he said.

Aaron Spelling described her to the outlet as “the best young actress I’ve seen in a long time,” adding that she was an honest person who wore her emotions on her sleeve. “If you ask her a direct question, she’ll give you a direct answer.”

And her co-star Tori Spelling, who portrayed Donna Martin on the soap, echoed her father’s sentiments but noted that Doherty’s reputation “hurts her feelings a bit.”

Doherty left “90210” in 1994 amid rumors of an acrimonious fallout with executive producer Spelling, but like many of the other assertions about the star, Spelling insisted they weren’t true and hired her to star as a benevolent witch in the CW supernatural series “Charmed” four years later.

“I tell ya the truth, all those stories about Shannen were so overblown,” Spelling told The Times in 1998. “Was she late on the set a couple of times? Sure, but who isn’t? Shannen was not fired from ‘90210.’ She had received some TV movie offers, and we sat down and talked about it, and she made the decision. If I had a problem with her, why would I hire her for ‘Charmed’?”

Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty pose.

Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty from the TV show “Charmed” in 1999.

(Getty Images / Getty Images)

Doherty played Prue Halliwell from 1998 to 2001, with Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs co-starring on the sister-witches show that ran into 2006. Doherty’s character was killed off at the end of Season 3, again amid rumors of bad blood on the set.

“There was too much drama on the set and not enough passion for the work,” she told “Entertainment Tonight” after leaving the show.

Doherty appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine’s March 1994 issue and, again, almost a decade later in December 2003. By then she described her life as much more subdued. She became an avid animal rights activist and a valued supporter of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. She relished being a homebody, had a penchant for interior design and spent time horseback riding. She also continued to star in various television and film projects.

“I wish I had conducted myself better on occasion and been more private, but I would rather live my life to the fullest than constantly conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others,” she told Playboy in 2003. “I’ve always been outspoken about my opinions, and there’s something to be said for having the courage to just live your life. I have regrets but no apologies.”

The “Charmed” star went on to marry professional poker player Rick Salomon in 2002, but the marriage was annulled nine months later. On Oct. 15, 2011, she married celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko in a lavish Malibu ceremony. After 11 years of marriage, and several years into her cancer battles, they announced their divorce in 2023.

Five years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer, Doherty reflected on her ongoing battle and strength of spirit.

“I try to treasure all the small moments that most people don’t really see or take for granted,” Doherty said in the October 2020 issue of Elle. “The small things are magnified for me. We have this endless well within us, and it’s just about continuing to dig in that well for the strength to face adversity — and so that we can also see all the beauty.”

Doherty is survived by her mother, Rosa Doherty, and older brother, Sean Doherty.

Tesla Launches New Model 3 Long-Range RWD Variant in US; Check Price, Specifications and Features

New Delhi, July 13: Elon Musk-Run EV company Tesla has announced the launch of a new version of the Tesla Model 3 in the United States. The Model 3 Long Range RWD variant boasts new features and specifications and also comes in a variety of colour options. The rear-wheel drive configuration and long-range battery pack of the new Model 3 variant are anticipated to provide an exciting driving experience for its customers.

According to a report of The Verge, Tesla first introduced the Long Range RWD Model 3 in 2017 but stopped selling it two years later. The New Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD is available in several colour options, which include Stealth Gray, Pearl White, Deep Blue Metallic, Solid Black and Ultra Red. Hyundai EXTER Knight Edition Launched; Check Price of Each Variant, Specifications, Features of New Special Edition Car From Hyundai India.

Elon Musk Announces New Tesla Model 3 Version Available in America

Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD Specifications and Features

As per reports, the new Tesla Model 3 version comes with 18-inch Photon wheels. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds and is expected to reach a top speed of 125 mph. Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD comes with 363 miles of range, which is approximately 100 miles more range than the base Model 3. Mahindra XUV700 AX7, AX7 L Top-Spec Variants Get Affordable; Here’s How Much They Cost Now.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD Price

The new Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD will be available at USD 42,490. Customers who qualify and meet all the requirements can receive a USD 7,500 Federal Tax credit, which makes the starting price of Model 3 Long Range RWD at USD 34,990. The new Model 3 Long Range RWD is priced nearly USD 5,000 lower than the all-wheel-drive Long Range Model 3 but it is also USD 3,500 more expensive than the standard RWD Model 3.

(The above story first appeared on LatestLY on Jul 13, 2024 03:33 PM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website

The Metaverse Was Supposed to Be Your New Office. You’re Still on Zoom

When Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook as Meta in 2021, he estimated the metaverse could reach a billion people over a decade. Not long after, Bill Gates predicted that within two or three years “most virtual meetings will move from 2D camera image grids—which I call the Hollywood Squares model, although I know that probably dates me—to the metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars.”

In fall 2022, Microsoft announced a partnership with Meta that would bring Mesh, a platform for collaboration in mixed reality, and its set of Microsoft 365 applications to Meta’s Quest products. Meta has launched Horizon Workrooms for meeting purposes. IT company Accenture purchased 60,000 Oculus headsets to train new workers in October 2021 and built its own metaverse, called Nth floor, which included digital twins of some of its offices, complete with cafés and legless avatars.

Still, nearly three years later, the average office worker isn’t strapping a headset to their face to meet with their colleagues. While nine out of 10 companies can identify use cases for extended reality in their organization, only one in five have invested in the tech, according to research surveying 400 large companies across multiple industries published by Omdia in February.

But this doesn’t mean the vision is dead. Rather, experts say, companies are looking for the best use cases for the metaverse. They add that the metaverse itself—at this point not a monolith but a concept fragmented across multiple virtual worlds and platforms—will need some revamping to work well for different types of employees, and the technology people use to access it must improve.

The metaverse must be built in a way that centers the needs of real people, says Anand van Zelderen, a researcher in organizational behavior and virtual reality at the University of Zurich. That means evaluating how workers feel in the metaverse and taking steps to combat loneliness that some experience as they enter virtual spaces that can’t match physical meetups. The current technology “takes people too much out of their reality, and people don’t want that for long periods of time,” van Zelderen says.

Instead, he says, the metaverse must “enhance our reality rather than replace it.” Meaning it should do more than replicate the in-person office. People could use the tech to meet in intriguing virtual locations, like mountaintops or Mars, or design virtual workplaces to meet the specific needs of their teams, he adds.

“We have an opportunity to be who we want to be, to work where we want to be, to meet in ways that we want,” van Zelderen says. “It shouldn’t be up to supervisors or tech developers to dictate how we want to experience the metaverse—give people more freedom to choose and build their work surroundings.”

Businesses, for their part, are likely to be selective in how they use virtual spaces. “Companies are trying to identify where VR actually adds value,” says Rolf Illenberger, CEO and founder of VRdirect, which focuses on VR software for enterprises. “There’s no point in using a new technology for something that’s perfectly fine in a video call.”

Plus, willingness to adopt VR tech remains an obstacle, as some people find wearing headsets unnatural and the technological learning curve steep. Even Apple’s Vision Pro headsets, which made great leaps in functionality, are not expected to sell more than 500,000 devices in the US this year.

“VR has not taken off in the last decade to the degree that people imagined it might,” says J. P. Gownder, vice president and principal analyst on the Future of Work team at research firm Forrester. “It has been replete with failure and expectations that exceeded reality for a very long time. There seems to be some level of human rejection of the technology.” Sleeker, better hardware that resembles a pair of eyeglasses could be the key to wider adoption, but the technology has yet to meet those needs.

Illenberger says he does see companies more frequently employing VR for safety training and in fields where workers take a more hands-on approach to developing products, like engineering and automotive manufacturing. UPS has used VR technology to train drivers, Fidelity has used VR for remote onboarding of employees, and Walmart has used VR to train workers in its stores.

But for some, the value of gathering in the metaverse alone has proved itself. Madaline Zannes, a Toronto-based attorney, has law offices in the metaverse. She meets with colleagues and clients in her five-floor building in the virtual world Somnium Space.

While having a presence in the metaverse has been a great networking and marketing tool for her firm, which focuses on business law as well as Web3, Zannes says it also helps to foster “more of an emotional connection with everybody,” due to the immersive nature of the platforms she uses. People can move around or emote, and being able to tap someone on the shoulder and start a conversation is far more personal than being constrained to a square on a video call in a large group.

Further development and adoption of the metaverse has been delayed in large part because business travel has resumed since the onset of Covid-19. And a year after most people heard the term metaverse for the first time, they were introduced to ChatGPT. AI became the new shiny object drawing the attention of CEOs—even if they aren’t actively training workers to use it. However, Gownder says, another shock to the business world along the lines of the pandemic could spur more rapid investment and development of virtual tech for work.

Even as Web 2.0 has descended into a disinformation and privacy nightmare, there is still time to save the metaverse from such a fate, as my colleague Megan Farokhmanesh has written. But making it work for employees will require that developers meet their needs. Until then, people will either get their butts into physical offices or further embrace the Hollywood Squares model.

Binance Co-Founder Calls Out Elon Musk to Curb Spread of Crypto-Related Fake News on X

Crypto scammers seem to be on an expansion drive now that the digital assets sector is logging growth in several regions around the world. Yi He, the co-founder of Binance called out Elon Musk over the weekend to take measures to ensure that the spread of fake crypto-related news on X is dealt with proactively. The Binance executive found herself embroiled in an impersonation scam recently, wherein her identity was being used to promote a fake crypto token on X.

In a post published on X, He said that she has not issued any crypto tokens called MemeCoins. She has clearly instructed her followers as well as members of Binance’s crypto circle to not bite the bait and invest in this scam token.

Calling out to Musk, the chief of X, He wrote, “Many people were tricked by this hacker link and lost a significant amount of money today. Is there any way to address this issue Elon Musk?” The screenshots shared by He also showed her crypto handle as well as her name being impersonated.

Musk, who is otherwise very active on X, has not posted any response to He’s question so far.

In March this year, Scam Sniffer said in its crypto phishing report that about 57,000 victims lost approximately $47 million (roughly Rs. 392 crore) to crypto phishing scams – with most percentage of scams facilitated by scammers working on X.

In February this year, the X account of MicroStrategy was hacked, through which the airdrop of a scam MSTR crypto token was promoted. Since MicroStrategy is a pro-Bitcoin business intelligence firm, several people believed the token airdrop was legitimate and ended up engaging with malicious links. At the time, market analysers like Scam Sniffer and ZachXBT had estimated that this scam had managed to steal around over $440,000 (roughly Rs. 3.6 crore).


The X account of Blockchain Capital was also hacked last year to promote another scam token BCAP. In fact, He herself had sounded an alert about the rising number of crypto scams stirring on X in January this year.

When Musk acquired X from its founder Jack Dorsey in April 2022, he said ridding the social networking platform of crypto-related market manipulating bots and scammers was among his top priorities. Despite the changes that he introduced to the platform; crypto scammers are still misusing the platform to connect with potential victims.

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How to remove court records from Google: 3 effective strategies

Legal issues can drag on for ages. That’s the simple, unfortunate truth. 

Worse, once a legal matter is filed in court, the case is highly likely to become visible on the web. Hundreds of websites now aggregate public court records and publish them for the world to see.

The issue I commonly come across for clients is that court records tend to rank highly in Google search results for both individuals and businesses. Lawsuits and various other legal matters attached to your name can cause long-lasting harm to your reputation. 

Regardless of why a lawsuit was filed, being associated with a court case can cause a negative perception and first impression to people searching for you online.

Thankfully, there are several solutions to remove or suppress court records and lawsuits that are displayed in Google search results. 

How do old court records appearing in Google search results affect your online reputation?

We all make mistakes. And we all deal with issues that may be out of our control. 

However, some mistakes or issues are more costly than others and can lead to legal proceedings that drag on for months – or even years.

Should a (possibly minor) court case from five or 10 years ago affect the reputation of your person or business? Should it define you? 

No, it shouldn’t.

As humans, we have the right to move on from our past and strive toward a better future.

Unfortunately, court records from years ago are often available online. It used to be that one would have to visit a local court records office and request that a clerk release court records. This was a long, arduous process that included a lot of back and forth with government office workers. 

That is no longer the case. These days, Google’s algorithm indexes this highly sensitive information and makes it available online. 

That means court records can be found in Google search results in mere milliseconds. And they often appear on the first page of search results.

Various websites, including Leagle, Justia, Casetext, PacerMonitor and many more, contain publicly available court records. 

The presence of this information on these websites can harm you or your business’s reputation. It can specifically harm your ability to get a new job or lead to potential customers doubting your morals and not trusting your business.

All that simply because of some unpaid parking tickets? Or because you committed a “crime” that has since been deemed legal in several states? Or because of a dysfunctional marriage that led to a divorce? 

The good news is that there are ways to combat the issue.

Dig deeper: How to repair your Google search results and reclaim your online reputation

How to remove court records from the web

The three most common ways to remove court records are expungement, link suppression and record removal requests. 

1. Getting a court record sealed or expunged

Several websites that host court records require that the record be expunged or sealed for the content to be removed from their website. Expungement is a legal process in which a court order is issued to remove or seal records of a criminal conviction or arrest.

Sealing a court record typically means that it is not destroyed but hidden from public view. However, it may still be accessible to law enforcement, government agencies and employers conducting background checks.

Before considering getting your record expunged or sealed to have the court record removed from the web, confirm the website’s policies regarding how they process removal requests.

Getting a court record expunged or sealed involves several steps and considerations.

Here’s a simple overview of the process and what you need to know:

  • Eligibility: Not all convictions or arrests can be expunged or sealed. Eligibility criteria typically depend on factors such as the type of offense, the time since the conviction or arrest and whether you have fulfilled all sentencing requirements (like probation or fines).
  • Research your jurisdiction: Laws regarding expungement vary by state or country. Research the specific laws and procedures in your jurisdiction. Many jurisdictions have information available online or through legal aid organizations.
  • Gather the necessary information: You will likely need details about the conviction or arrest, including dates, case numbers and court documents. Make sure you have all relevant information before beginning the process.
  • Petition the court: In most cases, you must file a petition with the court where the conviction or arrest occurred. The petition typically includes your personal information, details of the offense and reasons why you believe your records should be expunged or sealed.
  • Attend a hearing (if required): Depending on your jurisdiction and the specifics of your case, you may need to attend a court hearing where a judge will review your petition and determine whether to grant expungement or sealing of the record. 
  • Follow up: After filing your petition, follow the instructions given by the court. This may include attending hearings, providing additional documentation, or responding to inquiries from the court.
  • Outcome: If your petition is successful, the court will issue an order to expunge or seal your records. Once the order is received, you can submit it to the websites that host the court record to have it removed. 

If you are not able to get your court case expunged or sealed (or you don’t want to go through the process), the next best option is to suppress the unwanted court record link(s) deeper in Google search results. There, it will be less visible to the public.

The process of search engine suppression involves creating new positive or neutral content about yourself that ranks above any negative or unwanted content harming your reputation.

Common strategies to consider if you are looking to suppress court record links are:

  • Create and optimize personal websites or blogs.
  • Establish and maintain social media profiles.
  • Publish high-quality content on industry-specific platforms.
  • Utilize online portfolio platforms.
  • Optimize existing content on websites you control.

If you’re seeking professional help, most online reputation management firms specialize in suppressing court record links from the web.

Dig deeper: Online reputation management: Top 10 hurdles and how to overcome them

3. Complete removal of court records (case-specific) 

In certain situations, you can have the court record completely removed from the website. If the website agrees to remove the court record, it will be taken down immediately and the link will be replaced with a “404 error page.” 

Alternatively, some websites will agree to deindex the link from Google search results so it is no longer visible when you search your name. 

To determine if a website that hosts court records has a removal policy, you’ll want to search their terms of service (or FAQ section). 

Doing so will inform you how to submit a request. Once a removal request is submitted, it can take up to 60 days for it to be processed, depending on the website. 

Clearing your digital slate

It’s crucial to manage how court records appear online to protect your personal and/or company reputation.

Even though seeing your court record or lawsuit online can be distressing, there are ways to handle it effectively.

The methods detailed above let you take charge of your online presence, focusing on your current achievements and goals while removing or suppressing court documents that might not reflect who you are now.

Dig deeper: A 3-phased approach to proactive online reputation management

Contributing authors are invited to create content for Search Engine Land and are chosen for their expertise and contribution to the search community. Our contributors work under the oversight of the editorial staff and contributions are checked for quality and relevance to our readers. The opinions they express are their own.

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Researchers discover a new neural biomarker for OCD

A recent study from Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital has identified a specific neural activity pattern as a novel biomarker to accurately predict and monitor the clinical status of individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) who have undergone deep brain stimulation (DBS), a rapidly emerging therapeutic approach for severe psychiatric disorders. The study, led by led by Drs. Sameer Sheth and Wayne Goodman along with co-lead authors, Drs. Nicole Provenza, Sandy Reddy, and Anthony Allam, was published in Nature Medicine.

“Recent advances in surgical neuromodulation have enabled long-term continuous monitoring of brain activity in OCD patients during their everyday lives,” said Dr. Nicole Provenza, an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine and McNair Scholar. “We used this novel opportunity to identify key neural signatures that can act as predictors of clinical state in twelve individuals with treatment-resistant OCD who were receiving DBS therapy.”

DBS is emerging as an effective treatment for severe, treatment-resistant OCD

OCD is a common and debilitating mental health condition that affects 2-3% of the population worldwide. About two million people in the US suffer from OCD. In severe cases, patients spend an extraordinary amount of time performing repetitive, seemingly senseless compulsions and perseverating on intrusive thoughts. OCD has a huge toll on the well-being and quality of life of patients and their caregivers and can interfere with the ability to maintain employment and relationships. While psychotherapy and medications are effective in a majority of the affected individuals, approximately 20-40% of individuals with severe OCD are resistant to these conventional treatments.

Since the early 2000s, DBS therapy has been used to modulate neural activity in specific regions of the brain linked to OCD symptoms. Many patients who qualify for this therapy have not received sufficient benefit from conventional therapies. In this treatment-resistant population, roughly two-thirds of patients show significant improvement in OCD symptoms after DBS.

Much like how pacemaker devices regulate electrical activity in the heart, DBS devices regulate electrical activity in the brain. DBS devices carry electrical impulses from the generator, typically implanted in the upper chest, via a pair of thin leads (wires) to specific target regions in the brain. Precise tuning of the stimulation parameters allows the electrical pulses to restore a dysfunctional brain circuit to a healthy state.

DBS is an FDA-approved procedure commonly used to treat movement disorders such as essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease and is increasingly being used to treat severe OCD.

“We have seen remarkable progress in the field of DBS research, a technology that has been used for decades to treat movement disorders,” said Dr. John Ngai, Director of the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® Initiative (The BRAIN Initiative®) at the National Institutes of Health, which provided partial funding for this study. “The advance reported here represents just one on a growing list of success stories where the BRAIN Initiative has helped develop a new generation of DBS technologies, bringing treatments for conditions like OCD closer to the clinic.”

Need for a clinical biomarker to monitor OCD patient’s response to DBS

Defining the correct dose is oftentimes more difficult for psychiatric disorders like OCD than for movement disorders. “In patients with movement disorders, it is more obvious when stimulation delivery and tuning is correct because abnormal movements such as tremors or stiffness decrease right away,” said Dr. Sheth, professor and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine, director of the Gordon and Mary Cain Pediatric Neurology Research Foundation Laboratories, and investigator at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital. “However, it is much more difficult to achieve this level of precise DBS programming for OCD and other psychiatric disorders because there is a long delay between stimulation initiation and symptom improvement. It is difficult to know what particular adjustment led to a particular change months later. Our goal in undertaking this study was therefore to find a reliable neural biomarker to guide us during DBS management, and to remotely monitor changes in our patients’ symptoms. This is particularly important because several of our patients travel long distances from around the country or world to get DBS treatment, which for OCD is currently offered only in very few specialized centers.”

Targeting the root of the OCD problem

To identify an optimal target for developing a biomarker, the team focused on one of the most characteristic behaviors in OCD — the tendency for pathological avoidance. Individuals with OCD often suffer from difficult-to-control avoidance of potential harm or distress. In trying to avoid such perceived threats in daily life, they are often plagued by intrusive internal thoughts and irrational fears (obsessions), which lead to rigid routines and repetitive behaviors (compulsions).

The team’s goal was to understand how low-frequency brain oscillations in the theta (4-8 Hz) to alpha (8-12 Hz) range, which have been found by a large body of scientific literature to play a prominent role in cognitive processes, were altered in individuals with severe, treatment-resistant OCD. To do so, they took advantage of a novel feature of modern DBS devices — the ability to not only deliver stimulation but also record brain activity.

Usually, studies that monitor brain activity patterns are designed to be brief episodes that are conducted as participants perform a specific cognitive task. However, this study is unique because the researchers were able to use the DBS system to continuously monitor brain activity patterns in the background of everyday activities. This feature of the study brought the research into the natural lives of the study participants rather than confining it to unnatural laboratory settings.

Recordings started upon implantation of the DBS system. Because stimulation is typically initiated days to weeks later, the team was able to measure neural activity patterns in the severely symptomatic state. Interestingly, they found that 9 Hz (theta-alpha border) ventral striatum neural activity demonstrated a prominent circadian rhythm that fluctuated over the 24-hour cycle.

“Before DBS, we saw an extremely predictable and periodic neural activity pattern in all participants,” said Dr. Goodman, professor and D. C. and Irene Ellwood Chair in Psychiatry in theMenninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine. “However, after DBS activation, as individuals began responding and improving symptomatically, we saw a breakdown in this predictable pattern. This is a very interesting phenomenon and we have a theory to explain it. Individuals with OCD have a limited repertoire of responses to any given situation. They often perform the same rituals repeatedly and seldom vary their routines or engage in new activities, which may result in high predictability of activity in this brain region. However, after DBS activation, their behavioral repertoire is expanded; they might respond more flexibly to situations and not be just driven by a strong desire to avoid OCD triggers. This expanded repertoire may be a reflection of the more diverse brain activity pattern. Thus, we think this loss of a highly predictable neural activity indicates that the participants engaged in fewer repetitive and compulsive OCD behaviors.”

“In summary, we have identified a neurophysiological biomarker that can serve as a reliable indicator of improvements in mood and behaviors in OCD patients after DBS treatment. We anticipate these findings to transform how patients are monitored throughout DBS therapy,” added Dr. Sheth, who is also a McNair Scholar and Cullen Foundation Endowed Chair at Baylor College of Medicine.

“Incorporating this information into a clinician-facing dashboard, for example, could help guide therapy delivery, thus demystifying the process of DBS programming for OCD and making the therapy more accessible to a greater number of clinicians and patients. Moreover, we are excited by the potential possibility that such similar neural activity signatures may underlie other neuropsychiatric disorders and could serve as biomarkers to diagnose, predict, and monitor those conditions,” Dr. Provenza concluded.

DIY on Asian griddles

Going out to eat in Japan is a pantomime. Visit an authentic Japanese okonomiyaki restaurant; here actions speak more than words. An okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) course begins with asssorted bowls of ingredients like shredded cabbage (the Hiroshima version has par-boiled soba noodles), chopped up bits of raw seafood, juliennes of gari (pickled pink ginger) and katsuobushi (dried skipjack tuna) flakes aka bonito being placed next to you by a courteous server. In front is a stainless-steel teppan grill sizzling away producing aromas more complex than a Japanese dictionary.

Instructions come in the form of animated gesticulations by the server. She urges: mix all the ingredients with a thick slurry of refined wheat flour, beaten eggs and water and place the sum total on the lightly oiled teppan. She stands by like a sentinel, making sure you coax the mixture into a circular shape with the help of two tiny, metallic spatulas. Once it is grilled to perfection on one side, you’ve to flip the pancake and cook till the other side is equally crispy and golden brown. Once ready, aonori seaweed flakes, and additional katsuobushi are sprinkled all over it. Lashings of special okonomiyaki sauce, made from tomato ketchup-soy sauce-Worcestershire sauce-honey and the sweetish Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise, anoint the final product with edible goodness. This delicious DIY savoury pancake dish, perfectly named okonomiyaki, translates from Japanese to English to simply mean “as you like”. The running joke in Japan is that you get the best service at an okonomiyaki restaurant. Because you do it all yourself!

To further improve your Japanese culinary powers, more DIY options exist. Like the highly fun-to-prepare shabu-shabu. Onomatopoeically named for the swishing sound that emanates from the dashi stock (made from bonito flakes, konbu or kelp, mirinor rice wine and soy sauce)-filled pot when thin slivers of meats like pork and beef are swirled around, this preparation is best enjoyed with a group of friends. There is Chinese cabbage, shiitake and enokitake mushrooms for vegetarians. Once cooked, the meat pieces are dunked into a bowl of a yuzu, a citrus-based ponzu sauce or goma (sesame seed) sauce and chased down with morsels of rice.

Over to Thailand next. Similar to shabu-shabu, a Thai suki is another Asian DIY-style communal dish found at almost every street-food market from Bangkok’s Yaowarat market in China Town to Chiang Mai’s famous Night Market. To prepare a suki, diners place slices of meat, a few bits of seafood such as prawn and squid, pork balls and assorted veggies in a pot of lemongrass-flavoured broth bubbling away at the table. Once cooked, the meat or veggies are dipped into a bowl of spicy suki sauce, called namchimsuki in Thai, first.

Webinar on Understanding Legal Frame Works- Commercial, Investment, and Construction Arbitration

Dr. Jaya Vasudevan is an Professor of Law at Manipal Law School (MLS) Bengaluru

Before joining MAHE, she had been Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Foreign and International Private and Business Law, the Heidelberg University and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative & International Private Law, Hamburg, Germany.

She holds Ph. D from the University of Delhi in International Commercial Arbitration Law.

Her teaching, as well as recent research, has been in the field of International Trade Law, including Dispute Resolution Laws & Conflict Management in Business, with a special focus on Commercial & Investment Arbitration Law.

Her recent research includes the GST law and Indirect Taxation and Comparative Law of International Commercial Arbitration in Europe and Asia.

Amazon deals on furniture: Enjoy up to 68% off on best sofas, dining tables, coffee tables and more; top 10 deals

Looking to upgrade your home with stylish and comfy furniture? Now’s the time! Amazon is offering incredible deals, with up to 68% off on some of the best pieces. Whether you need a new sofa, a versatile sofa cum bed, or a chic coffee table, Amazon has fantastic options that combine quality and affordability.

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Specifications of Wakefit Queen Bed:

Size: Queen (78 X 60 inches)

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Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Efficient storage underneath Assembly required
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2. Amazon Brand Solimo Petra Solid Sheesham Wood King Bed

Enhance your bedroom with the Amazon Brand Solimo Petra Solid Sheesham Wood King Bed in Teak Finish. Crafted from premium solid Sheesham wood, this king-sized bed offers both elegance and durability. The rich teak finish adds sophistication to any interior, while the sturdy platform ensures long-lasting comfort and support for restful nights. Designed with quality in mind, it requires assembly upon delivery and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for added assurance. Currently available at an enticing 68% discount, this bed combines luxurious design with practicality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and reliable addition to their bedroom.

Specifications of Amazon Brand Solimo Petra Solid Sheesham Wood King Bed:

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Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Premium solid Sheesham wood construction Assembly required
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Top 3 features of the best beds on Amazon:

Best Beds Size Material

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Wakefit Queen Bed Queen Engineered Wood Storage under the bed
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Specifications of Sleepyhead Bae 3 Person Sofa:

Type: 3-Person Sofa

Material: Fabric

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Dimensions: Standard sofa dimensions apply

Assembly: Required

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Consider
Plush cushions for comfort Assembly required
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2. Amazon Brand Solimo Tulip Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa

Looking for a high-quality sofa set? Consider the Amazon Brand Solimo Tulip Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa in Grey, currently offered at an impressive 55% discount. This sofa seamlessly combines style and comfort with its sleek Leatherette upholstery and spacious seating for three. The modern grey colour enhances any living room decor, while its sturdy frame ensures durability and stability. Perfect for lounging or hosting guests, the Solimo Tulip Sofa provides ample seating space with plush cushioning for enhanced comfort. Easy assembly makes it convenient for immediate use upon delivery. Whether you’re upgrading your home or furnishing a new space, this sofa set offers a balance of affordability and quality, making it an excellent choice to enhance your living area with both elegance and practicality.

Specifications of Amazon Brand Solimo Tulip Leatherette 3 Seater Sofa:

Type: 3 Seater Sofa

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Assembly: Required

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Sleek Leatherette upholstery for modern look Assembly required
Spacious seating for three Limited colour options (grey only)
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Plush cushioning for added comfort  

Discover the Amata Elegant 4-seater L-shaped sofa, ideal for enhancing your home office, living room, or accommodating guests. Upholstered in Cream1 fabric, this sofa offers comfort and elegance with two cushions included. The spacious L-shape design provides ample seating, combining functionality with modern aesthetics. Currently available at an attractive 52% discount, this sofa features a sturdy build and plush cushioning for relaxation and style. Perfect for creating a welcoming environment, whether for work or leisure, the Amata Elegant sofa promises comfort and durability at a great value.

Specifications of Amata Elegant 4 seater sofa:

Type: L-shaped 4-seater sofa

Material: Fabric

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Cushions: Includes two cushions

Assembly: Required

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Spacious L-shaped design provides ample seating Assembly required
Elegant Cream1 fabric upholstery adds a touch of sophistication Limited colour options (Cream1 only)

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Are you interested in giving your living room a versatile makeover? Consider the Adorn India New Aspen 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed in Grey, currently offered at an enticing 48% discount. This multifunctional piece seamlessly transitions from a stylish 3-seater sofa to a comfortable 4X6 bed, making it perfect for both lounging and accommodating overnight guests. Crafted from sturdy wood, it ensures durability and stability, while the Grey upholstery adds a contemporary touch to any decor. Ideal for smaller spaces or homes that value practicality without sacrificing style, this sofa cum bed offers convenience and comfort at a great value. Whether you need extra seating during the day or a cosy bed at night, the Adorn India New Aspen combines functionality with affordability, making it a smart choice for modern living spaces.

Specifications of Adorn India New Aspen 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed:

Product Name: Adorn India New Aspen 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed 4X6 (Grey)

Type: 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed

Material: Wood

Colour: Grey

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Assembly: Required

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Versatile 3-seater sofa cum bed Assembly required
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Top 3 features of the best sofa sets on Amazon:

Best Sofa Sets Type Material

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Sleepyhead Bae 3 Person Sofa 3-person sofa Fabric Woody Brown colour
Amazon Brand Solimo Tulip Leatherette Sofa 3-seater sofa Leatherette Modern design, Grey colour
Amata Elegant 4 Seater Sofa L-shape, 4-seater Fabric Cream1 colour, Perfect for home office guests
Adorn India New Aspen 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed 3-seater sofa cum bed Sheesham Wood Natural finish, Converts to a bed (4X6)

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Looking for a stylish dining table set that combines durability and elegance? Discover the SONA ART & CRAFTS Modern Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Table Set, featuring a natural finish and 4 cushioned chairs. Perfect for dining rooms, homes, hotels, or offices, this 4-seater set offers exceptional quality with solid Sheesham wood construction. Currently available at an incredible 64% discount, this dining set promises both comfort and sophistication, ideal for everyday meals or entertaining guests. Upgrade your dining area with this versatile and beautifully crafted set, designed to complement any interior with its rustic charm and enduring appeal.

Specifications of SONA ART & CRAFTS Modern Furniture Solid Sheesham Wood Dining Table:

Material: Solid Sheesham Wood

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Included: 4 Cushion Chairs

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Reasons to Buy Considerations
Solid Sheesham wood construction for durability and rustic charm Assembly required
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Discover the elegance and craftsmanship of the Porash Furniture Sheesham Wood 4 Seater Dining Table Set, designed to enrich your living room, home office, or dining area with its exquisite CNC design and Honey finish. This sofa set includes a sturdy dining table and four cushioned chairs, crafted from premium Sheesham wood for durability and a timeless appeal. Perfect for family gatherings or hosting guests, the cushioned chairs ensure comfort while complementing the aesthetic of any space. Currently available at an enticing 37% discount, this dining table set combines functionality with style, making it a practical investment for your home. With a 1-year warranty included, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your furniture is backed by quality assurance.

Specifications of Porash Furniture Sheesham Wood 4 Seater Dining Table:

Material: Sheesham Wood

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Reasons to Buy Considerations (Reasons to Avoid)
Elegant CNC design enhances aesthetic appeal Assembly may be required
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Top 3 features of the best dining tables on Amazon:

Best Dining Table Sets Material Seating Capacity

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SONA ART & CRAFTS Modern Furniture Dining Table Solid Sheesham Wood 4 Seater Natural Finish, Suitable for dining rooms, homes, hotels, offices
Porash Furniture Sheesham Wood 4 Seater Dining Table Sheesham Wood 4 Seater Honey Finish, CNC Design, Suitable for living room, home office, dining room

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Explore the elegance of the AAFIYA HANDICRAFTS Metal Round Set Of 2 Coffee Tables, designed to enhance your living room decor with style and functionality. This set features two round coffee tables crafted from durable metal, perfect for adding a contemporary touch to any space. Ideal for use in living rooms, these tables offer versatility and convenience for placing drinks, snacks, or decor items. With a sleek design and a 30% discount currently available, these coffee tables combine aesthetic appeal with affordability. Enhance your home with these metal round coffee tables, where modern design meets practicality for a stylish living room setting. Add these elegant metal round coffee tables to your home and transform your living room into a stylish and functional space.

Specifications of AAFIYA HANDICRAFTS Metal Round Set Of 2 Coffee Table:

Material: Metal

Quantity: Set of 2

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Ideal For: Living room decor

Usage: Suitable for placing drinks, snacks, or decor items

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Modern industrial design complements various room decors Chipboard tops may not be as durable as solid wood
Nesting feature provides flexibility and space-saving benefits Metal frame may scratch easily
Sturdy construction ensures durability Assembly required

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The Priti Coffee Table Set features nesting side tables with chipboard tops and a sturdy metal frame, designed to add a touch of modern industrial charm to your living space. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and apartments, these tables offer both style and functionality. The nesting design allows for versatile placement and easy storage, making them ideal for compact spaces. The chipboard tops provide a sleek, smooth surface for drinks, decor, or other items, while the robust metal frame ensures durability and stability. With a 61% discount, this coffee table set is an excellent value for anyone looking to enhance their home decor without breaking the bank. Elevate your interior with the Priti Coffee Table Set, combining contemporary aesthetics with practical design.

Specifications of Priti Coffee Table Set:

Material: Chipboard Tops, Metal Frame

Design: Nesting Side Tables

Style: Modern Industrial

Ideal For: Living Room, Bedroom, Apartment

Reasons to Buy Reasons to Avoid
Modern industrial design complements various room decors Chipboard tops may not be as durable as solid wood
Nesting feature provides flexibility and space-saving benefits Metal frame may scratch easily
Sturdy construction ensures durability Assembly required

Top 3 features of the best coffee tables on Amazon:

Best Coffee Tables Material Quantity

Special Features

AAFIYA HANDICRAFTS Metal Round Set Of 2 Coffee Tables Metal Set of 2 Round shape, Modern design
Priti Coffee Table Set Chipboard Tops, Metal Frame Single table Nesting feature, Modern industrial design, Sturdy construction

Explore more coffee tables on Amazon:

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FAQs on the Amazon deals on furniture items:

1. Are the furniture items on Amazon genuine and of good quality?

Yes, Amazon ensures that all products listed, including furniture, meet quality standards. Verified sellers and customer reviews help ensure authenticity.

2. How can I find the best deals on furniture items on Amazon?

You can find the best deals by regularly checking Amazon’s Deals page, subscribing to notifications, and exploring limited-time offers and discounts.

3. Are there warranties available for furniture items purchased on Amazon?

Many furniture items on Amazon come with manufacturer warranties. Check the product details or contact the seller for specific warranty information.

4. Can I return furniture items if they don’t meet my expectations?

Yes, Amazon generally offers a return policy for furniture items. The specifics, including return window and conditions, can vary by product and seller.

5. How can I ensure the furniture item will fit in my space?

Check the product dimensions provided on Amazon’s product page. Additionally, reviews and customer photos can provide insights into real-life dimensions and appearance.

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