Get This Handy Steam Deck And ROG Ally Charger Dock For Over 50% Off

Best Buy has a fantastic deal on the Asus ROG 65W Charger Dock ahead of Prime Day 2024. This deal was very popular when it was first offered back in May, so we’d recommend grabbing it while you can. You can get the official Asus ROG 65W Charger Dock for only $30 (was $65). It doubles as both an AC power brick and a docking station thanks to the HDMI adapter and USB 2.0 port. This deal is available alongside $100 discounts on the Asus ROG Ally Windows gaming handheld.

If you don’t yet own a ROG Ally, you’ll find it listed at Best Buy with a nice $100 price cut, bringing it to $400. The more premium version with the Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor is also seeing a $100 discount, though it’s a bit more expensive at $550.

Keep in mind that the ROG 65W Charger Dock quickly sold out in the past, and it’s very possible the same will happen with this new inventory. So if you’re interested in adding it to your collection, you’ll want to swing by Best Buy as soon as you can. If you miss out, consider looking at the JSAUX Docking Station on Amazon, which works for both Steam Deck and ROG Ally, also costs $30, and includes plenty of ports for your accessories.

Is Xbox Game Pass No Longer The Best Deal In Gaming? | Spot On

Xbox has announced major changes to its Game Pass subscription and truthfully, they’re so muddled even I struggle with laying them all out. But let’s try.

Starting in September, new members to the Xbox ecosystem will not longer be allowed to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for console. However, those currently subscribed will be allowed to maintain their subscription, which will include the program’s back catalog as well as day one game access, as long as they maintain their subscription. New Xbox Game Pass users, then, will get a choice of a few different subscription tiers, the first being Game Pass Standard. This tier will be priced at $15 a month and gives users access to a back catalog of games and Xbox Live Gold, which is now referred to as Game Pass Core. However, Standard will not include any day one releases or Xbox Cloud gaming.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s features will not be changed and will still include PC Game Pass, but is seeing a price hike and will now be $20 a month. Similarly, PC Game Pass remains the same but will now be $12 a month. For those looking solely for access to online multiplayer, Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly Xbox Live Gold) will now cost you $75 a month. And, just for good measure, Microsoft has also implemented a new rule in which existing users can only stack up to 13 months of Xbox Game Pass for console, though users who have currently stacked more than that will not be effected.

If that sounds like a lot, it’s because it is.

From its console naming convention to its subscription service’s pricing structure, Xbox has a habit of making things overly complicated. But the big question we have is: Is this going to come back to bite them? On this week’s Spot On, Tam and Lucy go over the new pricing model and discuss if they think Xbox is making the right move. With thousands of layoffs and studio closures so closely behind them and a new Call of Duty and hot first party lineup ahead, is now the time for such a dramatic restructure and price hike?

Spot On is GameSpot’s weekly news show in which managing editor Tamoor Hussain and senior producer Lucy James talk about the latest game news. Given the massive video game industry’s highly dynamic and never-ending news cycle, there’s always something to talk about. Unlike most news shows, Spot On will dive deep into a single topic instead of recapping all the news. Spot On airs each Friday.

9 Nintendo Switch Exclusives Are $35 Ahead Of Prime Day

Target Circle Week is winding down, but there’s still time to snag some of the best Nintendo Switch game deals of the year. Through tomorrow, July 13, nine Nintendo Switch exclusives are on sale for only $35. That’s a savings of $25 on each game, and most of the eligible titles are rarely on sale for this low of a price. To secure these deals, you’ll need to sign up for Target Circle, if you aren’t already a member of the free rewards program. Target’s sale is running mere days before Amazon Prime Day, so make sure to check GameSpot’s Prime Day hub for even more deals over the weekend and through the main event (July 16-17).

Target Circle Week: Nintendo Switch exclusives

Physical and digital editions available at $35 price

As for Switch games, notable games on sale for $35 include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Pikmin 4, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and more. Switch titles don’t often see discounts this generous, so be sure to give them a look if you’re yet to play these classics. And if you’re looking for some cooperative fun for the summer, you can snag New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for $35, as the platformer lets four friends jump around in local play.

Fortunately, Target has included both the physical and digital versions of the Switch games in this sale. So if you prefer digital games, you can purchase a key from Target that can be redeemed on the Switch eShop. If you opt for physical, your local Target store possibly has same-day delivery or pickup.

Walmart was also hosting an early Prime Day sale that ended on July 11. If you didn’t have a chance to check it out, you’re in luck: Walmart still has two of its best Switch deals from the sale. The Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing bundle is available for $159 (was $200). This special-edition turquoise handheld is exclusive to Walmart and comes with a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you’re buying one of the Switch games above and want extra controllers for multiplayer, the Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle is still up for grabs for $69 (was $100). This official Nintendo bundle comes with red and blue controllers and a copy of Super Mario Party.

Speaking of Mario, you can save big on two of the largest Lego Super Mario building sets ahead of Prime Day. Lego Bowser’s Airship (1,152 pieces) is discounted to only $70 at Walmart, while Lego Diddy Kong’s Mine Cart Ride (1,157 pieces) is down to only $82.50 (was $110) at Amazon and Walmart.

Once you’re done checking out all the cheap Switch games and Lego sets, take a few minutes to dive into Target’s buy two, get one free promotion on select video games, movies, books, and more. You can mix and match across all categories, too. Nintendo fans might want to fill their cart with books centered on The Legend of Zelda. All of Dark Horse’s official art and lore books are included in both Amazon’s and Target’s B2G1 free book sections. We put together a handy list of Zelda books at Amazon below:

The Legend of Zelda B2G1 Free Books at Amazon

And if you’re a big Zelda fan, preorders went live this week for the Hyrule Edition Nintendo Switch Lite, which releases alongside The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom on September 26.

Save Over 40% On Amazon’s Luna Controller Ahead Of Prime Day 2024

Amazon’s wireless Luna controller is on sale ahead of the retailer’s big Prime Day 2024 sale next week. The Luna controller is a surprisingly good gamepad that supports PC, Mac, and smartphones, and is a solid choice even if you don’t use the Luna game streaming service. Prime members can pick one up for just $40 at Amazon right now, which knocks a hefty chunk off its normal $70 retail price.

The Luna controller features all the normal buttons and triggers you’d expect, and it uses the offset thumbstick layout similar to what you’d find on the Xbox Wireless Controller (on sale for $44) or the Nintendo Switch Pro controller (on sale for $64). However, since it’s an Amazon device, it includes built-in Alexa support, including a mic you can use for voice commands like launching Luna games or controlling other connected devices. Along with PC, Mac, Android, and iOS, the controller works with Amazon Fire TVs, Fire tablets, and Chromebooks via Bluetooth wireless or wired USB connections.

Amazon Luna Controller

While we think the Luna controller is a solid choice for all PC and mobile players–especially when it’s just $40–it’s an even better option of Luna subscribers. Picking one up is also a great excuse to give the cloud gaming service a try, since Amazon Prime members get access to a bunch of games on the service, along with a monthly batch of PC titles each month.

The Luna controller is just one of the many great deals available at Amazon ahead of Prime Day 2024, which takes place July 16 and 17. Be sure to check our roundups for even more early discounts on other video game controllers and Amazon devices available now, and keep tabs on GameSpot’s Prime Day hub for all the latest deals.

Meta Quest 3 Deal Restocked At Amazon, No Longer Available At Other Retailers

The Meta Quest 3 is back in stock at Amazon for $430. The $70 discount was available earlier this week as part of Walmart’s and Target’s pre-Prime Day sales events, but neither retailer is offering it for the discounted price now. Amazon sold out of the same early Prime Day deal earlier in the week, so we’d expect this restock to disappear soon, too.

Meta Quest 3 – $429 (was $500)

Arguably the best VR headset on the market, the Meta Quest 3 combines powerful hardware with an easy-to-use interface and a terrific library of content. Games like Tetris Effect: Connected and Pistol Whip run very well on the headset, and if you’re looking to get a good sweat in, you can’t go wrong with a few rounds of Les Mills Body Combat. The other nice thing about the Quest 3 is that the controllers don’t have tracking rings around them, making them easier to grip and use for play sessions.

You might want to consider picking up a Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap as well, just for extra comfort, or if you feel like upgrading the headset, the Elite Strap with battery add-on is a very good investment for long VR sessions.

If you’re looking for something more retro-inspired, the Arcade1Up Street Fighter 2 cabinet is $249 (normally $300) and is a great conversation starter for fighting game fans. In addition to its good looks, it comes with a selection of Street Fighter games and several other Capcom classics.

Some of Walmart’s best gaming deals from its big sale are still available–but the sale has ended, so these could vanish at any moment.

Walmart Deals – Quick Look

Get A Pair Of Switch Joy-Con And Super Mario Party For $69 (Ends Tonight, July 11)

Walmart’s new sales event ends tonight (July 11) at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET, but you still have time to grab one of the best Nintendo Switch deals. The Super Mario Party Joy-Con bundle, which originally released last holiday during Black Friday. Now, ahead of Prime Day 2024, you can get this bundle for only $69, down from its original value price of $100.

Considering a pair of Joy-Con controllers retail for $80 on their own, you’re essentially getting a digital copy of Super Mario Party for free. If purchased separately, the Joy-Con controllers and Super Mario Party are valued at $140.

While you’re checking out the bundle deal, make sure to take a look at Walmart’s other notable gaming deals that are still available, including 50% off select Nintendo Switch games.

Walmart Deals – Quick Look

You should also take a peek at Target’s lineup of Nintendo Switch exclusives for $35:

Huge Walmart Sale Features Incredible Gaming Deals Ahead Of Prime Day

Best Early Prime Day Deals to Shop Now

Planet Coaster 2 Launches This Fall With Brand-New Waterparks

Frontier Developments has announced Planet Coaster 2, a full sequel to its park-management sim that’s scheduled to launch in Fall on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Planet Coaster 2 will have new waterpark-management gameplay where players can create lazy rivers, flumes, wave pools, and water coasters. To enhance the authenticity, players can also create things like sunbeds, changing rooms, and lifeguards.

Now Playing: Planet Coaster 2 | Official Announcement Trailer

The game has three game modes to choose from: Career, Sandbox, and Franchise. In Career mode, players will have to solve a variety of different scenarios with varying difficulties. Franchise mode sees players building their own global park network, while Sandbox mode lets them create parks without the stress of money or management.

There are also online elements, such as being able to visit other players’ parks as well as compete on leaderboards in Franchise mode. Players can even build theme parks together in Sandbox mode and share and download blueprints through the Frontier Workshop.

Planet Coast 2 is the follow-up to 2016’s Planet Coaster, which was released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. In GameSpot’s Planet Coaster review, we said, “It’s a game that occupies your thoughts when you’re not playing it, and it’s thoroughly captivating when you are.”

The Legend Of Zelda Books Are B2G1 Free At Amazon In Early Prime Day Sale

Target and Amazon are each hosting wide-ranging buy two, get one free promotions on video games, books, movies, board games, and more. You won’t find Nintendo Switch games in the catalogs, but you can get some pretty awesome books about one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchises: The Legend of Zelda. Both sales include the stellar Zelda art and lore books published by Dark Horse. These offers will be available at Target until its Circle Week sale ends on July 13. There are tons of other gaming books included in these sales, including over a dozen upcoming books you can preorder at Target.

Amazon’s sale ends at the same time, but unlike Target, Amazon has a habit of removing products from B2G1 free eligibility at random–some of these Zelda books weren’t eligible when the sale started. Amazon also has a few steep early Prime Day discounts on collector’s edition versions of The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia and Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion.

The Legend of Zelda Books – Amazon Prime Day B2G1 Free

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia and Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion

The Legend of Zelda Books – Target Circle Week B2G1 Free

Now’s a great time to pick up all of the official Zelda art books. There are four core books in Dark Horse’s “series” of official hardcover books. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia offers in-depth look at how the many incarnations of Hyrule and its characters connect to one another. The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia covers every game from the original through Twilight Princess HD and is another must-read book for Zelda fans. Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda: Arts & Artifacts is a beautiful art book to flip through.

Creating a Champion explores the work that went into creating Breath of the Wild. It features a detailed history of the game’s version of Hyrule and is jam-packed with sketches, concept art, and commentary from the team behind the modern classic.

Speaking of Breath of the Wild, you can also pick up the official strategy guide in hardcover for nearly 50% off at Amazon. It covers the base game and the challenging DLC. The strategy guide for Breath of the Wild’s sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, is likewise eligible for buy two, get one free. You can get the collector’s edition hardcover for $27 at either retailer, and Target also has the paperback version for $19. Both of these guides cover every detail needed to complete every objective across Hyrule’s sprawling open world. The guides for Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom are mammoth books, clocking in around 500 pages each.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guides
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guides

Several other Zelda books are included in the B2G1 free sales, including The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past’s graphic novel adaptation of the official manga, and the Legendary edition of the Ocarina of Time manga, which is the first entry in the series. Though not eligible for the promotion, you can purchase the full Legendary edition set, which comes bundled in a treasure chest case, for $87 at Amazon. Amazon is also offering a discount on the upcoming box set of the Twilight Princess manga.

For the collectors out there, the deluxe edition of The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia comes with a slipcase and cover that matches the original NES game’s gold cartridge. The Hero’s edition of Creating a Champion is also on sale for a steep discount. Make sure to click the coupon boxes at Amazon to get the full discount. Amazon’s prices are better for the deluxe editions, but both books are eligible for Target’s B2G1 promotion.

More Zelda book deals at Amazon (not B2G1 free)


Shadow Of The Erdtree Turns Elden Ring’s Greatest Hero Into A Monster

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the story of Shadow of the Erdtree, so if you haven’t finished the expansion or at least made it to the final boss, you might want to do so before reading on.

When it comes to the story told in Elden Ring, Shadow of the Erdtree is a bombshell. It focuses on one major character who wasn’t actually included in the base game–Miquella, one of the demigod children of the goddess Queen Marika–but whose presence cast a long shadow on events. Of all the demigods, Miquella seemed like the most virtuous, and the most tragic.

Now Playing: Elden Ring Story Recap & Shadow Of The Erdtree Questions

Your path through the game repeatedly brings you into close proximity to Miquella’s story and actions, even though he’s not present, and you learn about the ways he apparently tried to help the people of the Lands Between and bucked the control of the Golden Order. Miquella seemed like the one person who could really have helped a world in chaos, but by the time you show up, others have already sealed his fate.

Turns out, all of that was wrong. Miquella might have had good intentions, but in Shadow of the Erdtree, we learn he was responsible for a whole lot of truly horrific things that happened in the Lands Between. By the end of the DLC story, it’s clear that Miquella was just as bad as the other demigods, and in some cases, maybe worse.

Miquella’s Story So Far

Much like in Shadow of the Erdtree, we spend a lot of time following in Miquella’s footsteps through the original story of Elden Ring. Where the other demigods seemed to consolidate power, warring with each other in hopes of becoming Elden Lord (although even that idea is a lot more complicated now), Miquella looked for a replacement for Queen Marika’s rule and government, the laws and religion known as the Golden Order.

We know Miquella spent a lot of time trying to find a way to heal his sister, Malenia, who was born with the disease known as the Scarlet Rot. That affliction is actually the influence of one of Elden Ring’s supernatural cosmic entities, the Outer Gods, and trying to heal Malenia eventually seems to have pushed Miquella to reject the influences of all the Outer Gods. That includes the Greater Will, the entity responsible for the Elden Ring and Marika’s status as a goddess. Miquella appears to have rejected the Golden Order in favor of something he called “Unalloyed Gold,” and he even fashioned the Unalloyed Gold Needle item to counter the influence of Outer Gods. Despite his best efforts, he seemingly was never able to find a way to really help Malenia.

Scarlet Rot is slowly destroying Malenia, and Miquella sought to heal her.

As he looked for a new way forward for the Lands Between, Miquella tried to create a replacement for the Erdtree, called the Haligtree. You can visit this location, which is full of people loyal to Miquella and seems to have been fashioned as a haven for people who the Golden Order had oppressed, like the Albinaurics, a people who were said to have been created by the sorcerers of Raya Lucaria. Ultimately, though, the Haligtree began to wither. When you find your way there, you discover its roots are also afflicted with Scarlet Rot. Miquella had embedded himself in the tree, maybe in an attempt to save it, but when you show up, he’s already gone. Miquella didn’t leave the Haligtree, however–he was taken.

When we finally track Miquella down, it’s in Mohgwyn Palace, the home of Mohg, another demigod. Mohg is the brother of Morgott and Godwyn, the original children of Marika and her first Elden Lord, Godfrey. Both Morgott and Mohg are Omen, one of those people afflicted by horns growing all over their bodies, and because of that, both children were banished to the sewers beneath the capital city of Leyndell. There, Mohg discovered another Outer God to worship–the Formless Mother. He embraced his “cursed blood” and hoped to create a new dynasty to reshape the Lands Between, elevating himself to Elden Lord and consort, with Miquella serving as the lands’ new god.

To make that happen, Mohg abducted Miquella from the Haligtree, but for whatever reason, the plan never worked. When we find Miquella in the palace after defeating Mohg, his body is encased in a cocoon, one lifeless and blackened arm hanging out. It appears that Miquella was Mohg’s victim, and that whatever good he had hoped to bring to the Lands Between has been destroyed.

And then we start up Shadow of the Erdtree, and everything we thought we knew is changed.

Miquella The Kind

Mohg appeared to kidnap Miquella for his own ends.
Mohg appeared to kidnap Miquella for his own ends.

Standing in front of Miquella’s body in Mohgwyn Palace is where Shadows of the Erdtree begins. There, you find Needle Knight Leda, a follower of Miquella’s, who tells you that his body is actually a gateway to another realm called the Shadow Lands, and that Miquella has abandoned his physical body to travel there. You use his body to follow, and when you arrive, you meet several other warriors making the same journey. Like Leda, they’ve come from all over the Lands Between, compelled by a feeling of loyalty to Miquella. He helped each of them in different ways, and they’re hoping to find and serve him.

The story of the DLC has you following in Miquella’s footsteps, ostensibly as he executes his plan to become a god so that he can replace the Golden Order. That seems to require him to cast off all the elements of his human life–everything that might hold him back. Sometimes, that means pieces of his literal, physical body, so that he can become a kind of luminous spirit. Sometimes, it’s elements of his personality and his emotions.

Already, though, there are some strange questions arising. How did Miquella get here if he was abducted by Mohg and seemingly used in some sort of blood-worshiping dynasty-making ritual? It seems awfully convenient Miquella would have wound up in this place he seemingly wanted to be by mistake or coincidence.

Interacting with the various characters you meet who are also tracking Miquella starts to provide clues. They’re all exceedingly loyal to Miquella, despite the fact they previously served other demigod lords, including Radahn and even Mohg himself. In the Lands Between, you could uncover lore that discussed Miquella’s singular power: He had the ability to compel people to love him. He seemed to have virtuous intentions, sure, but the game is explicit about the fact that Miquella is also capable of a kind of magical mind control.

A number of knights head to the Shadow Lands out of loyalty to Miquella, but they soon found they were compelled by his magical power.
A number of knights head to the Shadow Lands out of loyalty to Miquella, but they soon found they were compelled by his magical power.

Advancing through the Shadow Lands, you eventually get a point when you literally hear something break. This is the moment when Miquella discards his Great Rune, the piece of the Elden Ring he took after Marika shattered it. Talking to the other characters after Miquella abandons this power reveals that a spell over them has also been broken–they were all, in fact, magically compelled in their loyalty to Miquella. It starts a deadly chain of events, as each of the characters starts to go their own way and pursue their own goals, causing them to come into conflict with one another.

If you track down Sir Ansbach, one of Miquella’s knights who previously served Mohg, you start to learn a lot more about Miquella and his power. The spell breaking causes Ansbach to see Miquella as monstrous, using his “love” to completely overtake people’s wills. That starts Ansbach speculating about what happened to Mohg, and if you bring him the right item found within Messmer’s Shadow Keep, you can help him uncover the truth.

Miquella The Tyrant

Finding a particular scroll and bringing it to Ansbach starts to uncover what really happened between Mohg and Miquella. Ansbach explains that what Mohg did was actually Miquella’s bidding–to get to the Shadow Lands, Miquella needed Mohg to conduct a ritual, and that sure makes it sound like Miquella used his power to compel Mohg’s love in order to get him to do what he wanted.

What’s more, Ansbach also notes that after Mohg is killed by the player, someone stole his remains and brought them to Miquella.

If you keep following Ansbach’s storyline, you eventually uncover another secret rite that Miquella means to perform. Its results are made clear when you reach the final boss. Miquella needed Mohg’s body because the ritual for becoming a god requires the soul of a lord, and that soul requires a vessel. As Ansbach notes if you bring him into the final boss fight, Miquella used Mohg’s body as that vessel–for the soul of Radahn, once the mightiest warrior of the demigods. In the final boss fight, you battle the resurrected Radahn, brought back to life to be Miquella’s consort and help him attain godhood.

After the spell breaks, Sir Ansbach throws himself into figuring out what Miquella is really up to.
After the spell breaks, Sir Ansbach throws himself into figuring out what Miquella is really up to.

This revelation changes a lot about our understanding of the story of Elden Ring. For one, Mohg didn’t kidnap Miquella, he was apparently used to fulfill a role in Miquella’s plan. What’s more, it seems that role was meant to include Mohg’s death, as well.

Finding Radahn resurrected by Miquella in the DLC also calls into question Miquella’s relationship with Radahn. After you defeat the final boss, you can see a short cutscene in which Miquella asks Radahn to be his consort, presumably long before the Shattering War that turned the demigods against each other. That suggests this has been Miquella’s plan for quite some time.

But if Miquella asked Radahn to be his consort in the past, before the shattering of the Elden Ring, then that raises another big question: Why did Radahn and Malenia square off in the largest and most devastating battle of the Shattering War? The battle implies that Radahn didn’t submit to Miquella’s request and had to be forced–Malenia went to Caelid to kill him, to stop him resisting becoming Miquella’s consort.

Instead, they fought to a standstill, until Malenia succumbed to the Scarlet Rot. The resulting bloom spread the pestilence throughout Caelid like a weapon of mass destruction, and while Radahn didn’t die, the infection invaded his brain and he lost his mind. Miquella’s actions doomed his brother and desired consort to torment, until the player finally showed up and managed to kill him, and that allowed Miquella to continue his plan.

The battle between Radahn and Malenia destroyed Caelid.
The battle between Radahn and Malenia destroyed Caelid.

And if Miquella was willing to do that to Radahn and Mohg, you can’t help but wonder about Malenia, too. Did she choose to help Miquella and try to kill Radahn, or did Miquella use his abilities to compel her? Is that why we find Malenia sitting at the base of the Haligtree, despondent and forlorn–because she’s wracked by guilt? Is it because she knows she was used as a tool by Miquella to do something terrible?

If Radahn manages to grab you during the final battle, Miquella will show you that power in action. First, he’ll whisper about the compassionate order he wishes to bring into being; the second time, he’ll compel you to join him, literally stealing your heart. It’s a demonstration of what Miquella is truly about. He might want to make the world a better place, but he’s going to do so by becoming a dictator. He’s willing to use people he claims to care about to bring about his goals and is perfectly willing to steal their free will to do so. And he’ll sacrifice them, the way he did to Radahn, Malenia, and even his alter ego, St. Trina, if that’s what it takes.

This new information also completely recontextualizes our understanding of the Shattering War. Before, it seemed like the demigods warred with each other in petty squabbles over personal power. Now, we know the truth: When Malenia faced Radahn, it was to murder him for Miquella’s benefit. What might have happened in the Lands Between if the two fiercest warriors hadn’t fought one another, destroying Caelid in the process? Could there have been peace and stability rather than endless war and destruction?

Through the movements of its story, Shadow of the Erdtree completely changes Miquella’s character, from someone heroic and virtuous, to someone monstrous and calculating. Even if Miquella really does have the best of intentions, he’s willing to ruin anyone and anything to enact them. Miquella’s vision of the future is one of a benevolent dictator, ruling over an enslaved Lands Between full of people who are forced to love him. For all Miquella’s talk of bringing more compassion into the world, what we learn in the DLC is that, for whatever good he did, Miquella was willing to use a lot of evil to achieve it.

The Best Video Game Deals Available Ahead Of Prime Day

Just in case you weren’t aware, we’re now less than a week away from Amazon’s big Prime Day 2024 sale, which takes place July 16 and 17. While we’re expecting to see some big discounts on video games among the thousands of deals during those days, there’s actually a long list of video game deals already available ahead of Prime Day. We’re talking everything from big discounts on physical PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch games. There are dozens of games on sale at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, and we’ve listed them all out by platform below.

Most of the discounts are on individual games, but Amazon and Target are also both running special Buy 2, Get 1 deals right now in addition to their other price cuts. Many of the PS5 and Xbox games eligible for Amazon’s sale are available at lower prices–if you see a bolded game below, it means it’s part of Amazon’s B2G1 deal. Target’s version of the sale also includes a long list of PS5 and Xbox games, but they’re only available at full price. That said, there are several games and preorders eligible for Target’s deal that aren’t on sale elsewhere, so be sure to check the section at the end of this roundup for all the best B2G1 video game deals.

Prime Day Nintendo Switch Game Deals

Nintendo Switch exclusives are steeply discounted

Starting with Nintendo’s wildly popular console-handheld hybrid, you can grab first-party titles like Pikmin 4, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Bros. Wonder at great discounts. You can also pick up physical copies of top-rated third-party releases like Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Sea of Stars, and Stardew Valley for as much as 50% off. The best Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals (so far) can be in the Target Circle Week and Walmart Deals sales, each of which include steep discounts on exclusives.

Prime Day PS5 Game Deals

Select PS5 exclusives are on sale
Select PS5 exclusives are on sale

There’s a huge list of PS5 game deals to take advantage as we near Prime Day. You can snag games like Dragon’s Dogma 2, Final Fantasy XVI, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Street Fighter 6 all at low prices, and they’re all eligible for Amazon’s B2G1 free deal.

You can also pick up discounted exclusives like Demon’s Souls, God of War Ragnarok, and Gran Turismo 7 alongside third-party bangers like Elden Ring, Lies of P, and Persona 3 Reload, just to name a few. Check the list below for all of our favorite PS5 game deals currently available. All bolded titles are eligible for Amazon’s B2G1 deal.

Prime Day Xbox Game Deals

Tekken 8
Tekken 8

While many Xbox owners likely play most of their games via their Game Pass subscription, there are still plenty of deals on physical games for those who prefer to own their games. While many of the discounted games are the same as the PS5 list, in some cases, you can grab the Xbox version of games for even cheaper–like how Elden Ring is $35 on Xbox right now versus $40 on PS5.

Once again, several titles are eligible for Amazon’s B2G1 free promo, including Starfield, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Resident Evil 4, and more. We’ve bolded all the games eligible for Amazon’s B2G1 deal below, and you’ll find plenty of other discounts as well.

B2G1 Free Game Deals

As we’ve already mentioned, Amazon and Target both have B2G1 sales on video games right now. While many of the discounts listed above are eligible for Amazon’s B2G1 deal, there are a few full-priced titles available as well. As for Target’s sale, all the eligible titles are available at full price, but there are a bunch of games not found in Amazon’s sale, including a handful of preorders like Alan Wake Deluxe Edition, Slitterhead, and Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D. Check the links below for a selection of the full-priced games available in both sales, and be sure to check out the listings at both online stores for even more.

More Amazon B2G1 PS5 games

More Amazon B2G1 Xbox games

Target B2G1