Is My Boyfriend a Misogynist? Quiz

Remember that first coffee date, the butterflies, the shared dreams? Now, fast forward. The jokes that hurt, the constant unsolicited advice, the backhanded compliments that chip away at your confidence. That spark you felt at the start, it’s flickering. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Many women grapple with the question: “Is he a misogynist?” It’s a tough one to answer as it’s often hidden by layers of affection and shared history.

This misogyny quiz is your flashlight in the dark. Whether it’s the eye-roll at your career goals, the constant “mansplaining,” or the possessiveness that suffocates your independence, let’s untangle the red flags and understand the root cause of the issue.

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Before you can work out how to deal with misogyny, you must first identify it. Take the quiz and answer as honestly as possible. Remember, you deserve a boyfriend who celebrates your strength, respects your voice, and wants to watch you grow.

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